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Does Your Brand Make a Statement?

Among the hardest-working tools in your marketing toolbox are your brand statements. Brand statements are tightly written phrases that authentically express who your organization is. They are you, in text.

Is Your Logo a Sign of the Times?

Your logo is just one element of your brand, but it’s the one that’s most widely used and seen. The purpose of a logo is to immediately establish brand recognition, from first visiting a website to seeing school pride displayed on a bumper. How and what your logo communicates is not only critical to your brand but also to your prospects, current families, and alums. A well-crafted logo lends trust and credibility to your mission.

Make Your Case, State Your Case: Tips for writing appealing, succinct, and powerful case statements

Writing is hard work. It takes practice, discipline, focus, and diligence—plus a very thick skin. If you’ve been asked to write your institution’s case for support, you have a tough assignment in front of you that can cause your head to spin. But fear not; I’ve got you. We will get through this together.

How a Creative Platform Elevates Your School’s Brand

In the competitive market in which today’s independent schools operate, prospective families respond best to marketing that is drawn from an authentic, engaging creative platform.

Viewbook Magic

This is a story about a viewbook. About a viewbook doing its job.

Five Reasons You Need a Verbal Identity

In the same way your school needs a visual identity — logo, school colors, typefaces that instantly signal your brand — you likewise need a verbal identity.

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