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Toss the Tagline

Don’t get caught in the tagline trap. A tagline is a three- to four-word phrase designed to relay a brand's value. But can only a few words encompass the full breadth of what you provide, and differentiate you from peers?

Visual Typos

Would you consider publishing a misspelled word or a confusing, incomplete sentence? No. Then why publish photography that isn’t the best representation of your school? It's a visual typo!

Hiring a Strategic Marketing Partner vs. a Graphic Designer

Hiring outside help with marketing is on your To Do list. Maybe your school has experienced a decrease in applications and you are looking to refresh your admissions materials, or you have a new head of school with a more strategic vision for marketing.

Strategic Planning and Branding in Tandem

Schools often ask us which should happen first: strategic planning or branding? Our answer is they should happen in tandem. If you know you need more right-fit families; if you know you need stronger messaging; and if you know you need a brand refresh—doing both projects in synchronization is the most efficient way to get it done.

Campaign Messaging Made Simple

Campaigns are complex. They are a significant undertaking with numerous components and moving pieces, and they are critical to the growth and vitality of an institution. So how do you articulate campaign complexity?

Summer is for Planning

The official start of summer brings sun and surf, but it also means that advancement teams are eagerly kicking off their planning for the new academic year. It is critical to be strategic about your annual programming from the onset to maximize your fundraising success.

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