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An Impact Report that is Influential

Strategic and effective reporting builds a community of energized and lasting supporters. An impact report is an opportunity to clearly and concisely remind stakeholders of your mission and show progress through compelling verbal and visual storytelling. You are celebrating success together.

Amplify Your Brand by Training Ambassadors

There’s nothing more powerful and persuasive than a referral from a trusted peer-to-peer source. Help your ambassadors process and internalize your school’s brand through an interactive training experience.

Seeing is Believing

A capital campaign needs more than a good story to gain support. Your case for support must show your bold vision — a.k.a. renderings that inspire and impress.

A Campaign Communications Checklist

A campaign, regardless of dollar amount or number of priorities, is a significant undertaking.

Put Your Brand to the Test

Does your brand inspire, illuminate, motivate, captivate, and resonate?

Steer Communications with a Map

Like a good map on a new-to-you road trip, a communications plan keeps you efficient, effective, and moving in the right direction. Create one and you won’t get lost, despite any unexpected detours that pop up.

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