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The Power of Three

Three is a powerful number when it comes to articulating your school’s brand in a way that is impressionable, memorable, and repeatable.

Why Zoom is Good for Branding

The pandemic has taught everyone to adapt and find a better approach. At Leapfrog Group, we have found that conducting discovery—the first step of a branding project—on Zoom can be just as effective, or even more effective, than in person.

Yes, You Need Professional Photography

Every school has a hobbyist photographer among its parents, an art teacher with a digital camera or a marketing staffer with the latest iPhone. With so many opportunities to get photos for free, why do you need to spend your precious few budget dollars to bring a professional photographer to campus?

Strategic Planning and Branding in Tandem? Yes.

Schools often ask us which should happen first: strategic planning or branding? Our answer: yes.

Does Your Brand Make a Statement?

Among the hardest-working tools in your marketing toolbox are your brand statements. Brand statements are tightly written phrases that authentically express who your organization is. They are you, in text.

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