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If Elements of a Brand had Job Descriptions...

The operational success of schools relies heavily on creating an organizational structure that works well in a particular educational environment, crafting clear, accurate job descriptions for each role, and hiring the best, most qualified people to carry out those job responsibilities. A brand works the same way.

The Importance of Professional Photography

The pandemic has presented many unforeseen challenges to independent schools, including how they are able to represent themselves in their communications. As a result of mask mandates, schools have gone more than two years without being able to see and capture in photography the beauty of students’ smiles as they engage in learning on campus. Now that those smiles are visible again, make sure your school is getting the right image.

Branding: Foundational vs. Aspirational

The uncertainty and upheaval of the pandemic has brought about major transitions and reflection for many independent schools. Knowing who you are as an institution and identifying your foundational strengths is more important now than ever.

Engaging Graduates as Ambassadors of Your Brand

Commencement, the joyful pinnacle of education, is a prime opportunity to showcase your graduates as ambassadors of your school’s brand. They are living testaments to what makes your school unique and their stories give an organizational brand that human touch.

The Power of Three

Three is a powerful number when it comes to articulating your school’s brand in a way that is impressionable, memorable, and repeatable.

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