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Amplify Your Brand by Training Ambassadors

There’s nothing more powerful and persuasive than a referral from a trusted peer-to-peer source. Help your ambassadors process and internalize your school’s brand through an interactive training experience.

Put Your Brand to the Test

Does your brand inspire, illuminate, motivate, captivate, and resonate?

Hiring a Strategic Marketing Partner vs. a Graphic Designer

Hiring outside help with marketing is on your To Do list. Maybe your school has experienced a decrease in applications and you are looking to refresh your admissions materials, or you have a new head of school with a more strategic vision for marketing.

Strategic Planning and Branding in Tandem

Schools often ask us which should happen first: strategic planning or branding? Our answer is they should happen in tandem. If you know you need more right-fit families; if you know you need stronger messaging; and if you know you need a brand refresh—doing both projects in synchronization is the most efficient way to get it done.

The Purpose of a Verbal Identity

Is your school community having trouble communicating its core strengths in a consistent, concise way? Do you need a tool to help everyone get on the same page from a marketing perspective? If so, the solution is a verbal identity.

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