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What is a Viewbook’s Purpose?

How do you promote the intangible? How do you convey the energy, innovation, or nurturing community that families feel when they step onto your campus?

Toss the Tagline

Don’t get caught in the tagline trap. A tagline is a three- to four-word phrase designed to relay a brand's value. But can only a few words encompass the full breadth of what you provide, and differentiate you from peers?

Your Visual Identity: Seal vs. Logo

Most schools have an official seal, and for many, it is used as the school’s primary logo, but there is a fundamental difference between a seal and a logo—a seal harkens back to a school's past, whereas a logo represents who you are now and where you are going. Which direction would you rather be headed in?

How to Take Your Brand Messaging to Market

Every school marketer’s charge is to ensure that those on both the inside and the outside of the institution clearly understand who it is, what its unique strengths are, and why it is different from its peers and competitors.

Viewbook Magic

This is a story about a viewbook. About a viewbook doing its job.

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