What is a Viewbook’s Purpose?

Nancy McDonald
Admissions & Marketing

How do you promote the intangible? How do you convey the energy, innovation, or nurturing community that families feel when they step onto your campus?

Viewbooks are a great vehicle to enlighten a prospect about the unique opportunities your school has to offer, but their main purpose is to peak your prospects' interest and encourage them to learn more.

A viewbook SHOULD:

  • Provide a glimpse into how a typical day looks and feels.
  • Be an authentic representation of who your school is at its core. Is your school traditional, a bit unconventional, religious, or a unique blend of a few attributes
  • Reflect who you are consistently through the copy, visuals, and format.

For example, if bold, self-expression is encouraged at your school, then it is important to take a similarly bold approach when creating a viewbook to attract students and families who embody, or are intrigued by, that attribute.

A viewbook SHOULD NOT:

  • Be a platform for all the inner workings and details of your school. This is a job for your website.
  • Include photography that isn’t engaging or of the utmost quality.
  • Be distributed to everyone. Reserve viewbooks for prospects that show genuine interest.

A viewbook is a powerful component of the admissions process and its purpose is to be an overview that captivates and authentically represents who you are. Let the website provide the details. Let an at-a-glance brochure be the takeaway at independent school fairs. Each piece has a different responsibility in the admissions process.

So get creative with your viewbook while staying true to your brand and you’ll grab that prospective student’s attention for a coveted spot on their application list.