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The Purpose of a Verbal Identity

Is your school community having trouble communicating its core strengths in a consistent, concise way? Do you need a tool to help everyone get on the same page from a marketing perspective? If so, the solution is a verbal identity.

The Benefit of Fresh Eyes

Are you communicating on repeat? Constantly spinning your wheels to get the right message out there—one that you haven’t said in slightly different ways several times already?

Rename the Right Way

A name change can be daunting. People are emotionally attached. Not everyone will agree with the final choice. Your new name must authentically reflect your school's identity. Otherwise, the new name can cause confusion, which may create even bigger problems.

A Case for a Case (Minus the Campaign)

Let’s say you’re not in the midst of a capital or comprehensive campaign. Chances are, you are still raising money, right?

The Importance of Professional Photography

The pandemic has presented many unforeseen challenges to independent schools, including how they are able to represent themselves in their communications. As a result of mask mandates, schools have gone more than two years without being able to see and capture in photography the beauty of students’ smiles as they engage in learning on campus. Now that those smiles are visible again, make sure your school is getting the right image.

Does Your Athletics Logo Go the Distance?

Your athletics logo is a direct extension of your school’s brand. It identifies your team on the field, court or track and is a visual anthem for those proudly rooting for their team. It’s a treasured visual that your school community wants to proudly display—everywhere.

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