Why Zoom is Good for Branding

Ingrid Tripple
Strategy & Branding

The pandemic has taught everyone to adapt and find a better approach. At Leapfrog Group, we have found that conducting discovery—the first step of a branding project—on Zoom can be just as effective, or even more effective, than in person.

Discovery is an energizing and rewarding process for your entire school community that engages all of your constituencies in conversation and leads to authentic, clear language to communicate your school’s strengths consistently, both internally and to the wider world.

What are the advantages of discovery on Zoom?

1. No waiting
You won’t lose momentum or any time during COVID surges.  

2. Richer content
You can gather content that is more inclusive and truly reflective of your brand by reaching out to a broader constituent base that may reside across the nation or internationally.

3. Increase in participation
You’ll witness a higher participation rate with fewer cancellations and no-shows because of the convenience.

4. Heightened engagement
You will draw out participants who may feel more comfortable communicating online (or have more time for this method) and be less susceptible to herd mentality that can sometimes occur in group interviews done in person.

5. Data capture
You have more ways to capture qualitative data and share it easily with the ability to record, download chat conversations, and orchestrate topic-specific breakout sessions.

Learn about all the benefits of discovery.