Ingrid Tripple

Project Manager, Writer

Ingrid is passionate about contributing to the greater good. Even in college, while many of her peers traveled to sunny locales to relax for their spring breaks, she chose to embark on service trips. Ingrid feels most at home when surrounded by people who are mission-driven—which is why Leapfrog Group is the perfect fit.

Her attentiveness and sharpness, strategic know-how, and natural ability to lead and communicate have consistently elevated brands, reputations, and visibility for clients for over a decade. She approaches her work with a high caliber of professionalism and a genuine enthusiasm—ensuring that clients compellingly move their audiences.

Because Ingrid’s heart is in every project she takes on, she is able to understand clients’ unique plights and expertly guide them in moving their missions forward. Instead of acting reactively, Ingrid is powerfully proactive and able to anticipate potential problems before they occur, saving clients time and money.

Prior to joining Leapfrog Group, Ingrid was a client. While developing strategic communication initiatives and marketing campaigns for the art school, medical school, and international affairs department at Temple University, Leapfrog Group’s unique business model appealed to her. She stayed in touch with Leapfrog Group as she went on to engage and innovate as a Senior Account Manager at Mangos Inc., an advertising agency in Conshohocken, Pennsylvania, until she became a part of the team.

In Ingrid’s free time, she enjoys traveling the world with her husband and three daughters. Having traveled to 35 countries and 37 states, she regularly incorporates her diverse experiences into her work and challenges both colleagues and clients to be open minded and to think differently.