The Five Benefits of Discovery

Melissa DePino
Strategy & Branding

Discovery is an energizing and rewarding process for your entire school community that engages all of your constituencies in conversation.

When you begin a branding and messaging project, the first—and most important step—is discovery. Discovery is essential inquiry-based qualitative research that results in authentic, clear language to communicate your school’s strengths consistently, both internally and to the wider world. This language will set you apart from competitors, attract right-fit families, and encourage investment in your future.

How will discovery benefit you?

  1. Bring your authentic brand to light — The discovery process will uncover the true essence of your school and allow everyone in the community to articulate it consistently, which will strengthen your brand.
  2. Energize your community — Focusing on the strengths of your school and articulating them together will engender enthusiasm among all of your constituencies.
  3. Generate pride — Students, parents, alumni, donors, faculty and staff alike will enjoy a greater sense of pride in your school, and shared pride benefits your institution, now and into the future.
  4. Validate your views — The resulting brand identity most often confirms people’s opinions about how and why their school is special.
  5. Create space for all voices — Inviting the opinions, reactions, perceptions, and ideas of your closest community demonstrates that you value them and can re-engage them at a higher level.