The Power of Three

Ingrid Tripple
Strategy & Branding

Three is a powerful number when it comes to articulating your school’s brand in a way that is impressionable, memorable, and repeatable.

The rule of three is a longstanding and widely accepted writing principle based on the idea that humans process information through patterns. Three is the smallest number that allows us to recognize a pattern in a set and serves as a numerical guide to help us craft memorable phrases and emphasize an idea.

This tradition grew out of oral storytelling. In classic childhood stories  — The Three Little Pigs, Three Billy Goats Gruff, and Goldilocks and the Three Bears — there is a triad of events or characters that can be easily internalized and retold. Isn’t that exactly what you want your current families, faculty, and alumni to be able to do with your brand?

That’s why at Leapfrog Group, we work closely with your school community to create a verbal identity — a carefully crafted positioning statement and three key messages — that articulate your brand promise in words. Words that can be remembered.

Your verbal identity differs from your mission and vision statements. Your mission explains what you do and your vision describes what you aspire to accomplish. Your verbal identity authentically and clearly states who you are.

Sometimes referred to as your elevator speech or value proposition, your verbal identity provides a common language and messaging about your school and what sets it apart. Still not sure why you need a verbal identity? Here’s 5 reasons why you do.