The Crefeld School

An intentionally different approach to a college-prep education

The Crefeld School is a small-by-design independent school for students in grade 7 through 12, and the only progressive high school in the Philadelphia region. Misperceptions about the school stemmed from a lack of understanding regarding progressive education, the size of the school community, and the campus, which has a chicken coop and a glass blowing studio, among other features non-traditional in a private school. The solution? Articulate the concept of progressive education without using the term prominently, communicate the cohesiveness of the vibrant learning community, and show, through each student and faculty story, why a Crefeld education is intentionally different.

Deliverables & Services

Discovery and Analysis
Verbal Identity
Guide to the Brand
Marketing Platform
Viewbook Package
Strategic Marketing Plan
Strategic Plan Brochure

Strengths-Based Messaging

The Crefeld School used a Guide to the Brand as a resource when working with their faculty and staff to share the school’s key messages and encourage consistent use of the language. An interactive training session generated enthusiasm and pride, as participants were encouraged to share how their everyday experiences at Crefeld stemmed from these key strengths.

Progressive school branding guide
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An Intentionally Different Viewbook

The Crefeld viewbook package consists of three parts: a “main” book that illustrates the strengths of the Crefeld experience; a poster that features members of the Crefeld community through candid photos and personal bios that include phrases like “aspiring therapy dog trainer” and “master of walking in heels;” and a piece that visually highlights the school’s values. All three pieces are “intentionally different” in format and style, with features like a hand-sewn binding that reflects the school’s service project to sew toys for The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

Progressive school viewbook
Private school viewbook
Independent school viewbook
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“Leapfrog did a wonderful job of really getting to know our school, and took the time to understand exactly what we were looking for in our brand refresh. They captured the personality and essence of our school perfectly with the verbal identity they produced for us and designed a truly spectacular and innovative viewbook. People are continually impressed with their work, and it’s truly helped us refine our brand in the marketplace.”
Kristy Modarelli
The Crefeld School
Private school photography
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