The Power of a Positive Message

Melissa DePino
Admissions & Marketing

The key to recruiting right-fit families and inspiring donors starts with words—and not just any words.

The language you use to describe who you are has to be authentic, clear, consistent and, above all, articulated from a position of strength. Strengths-based messaging shines a spotlight on what you do best and allows you avoid the trap of positioning yourself against competitors. A strengths-based approach will also distinguish you in a marketplace where all schools and their missions can sound alike.

How can strengths-based messaging benefit you?

  • Strengths-based messaging connects powerfully with right-fit families. When your strengths and a family’s priorities line up, you build a community of learners who represent your mission now and in the future.
  • Strengths-based messaging dispels myths and misperceptions about who you are. Prospective families who don’t know you will make their own assumptions—which may focus on your weaknesses—absent consistent positive messaging in the marketplace.  
  • Strengths-based messaging instills pride in your community. Current families, alumni, faculty and students will be inspired and motivated by messaging that accurately represents what they know and love about you.
  • Strengths-based messaging inspires your community to invest in your future. When your messaging is focused on your strengths, donors are more likely to support your mission because they are proud to be associated with you and want you to succeed.
  • Strengths-based messaging begets strength as an institution. Knowing what your strengths are, being able to articulate them as a community, and leaning into them makes your institution stronger. As with anything in life, what you focus on grows.