Montgomery School

An independent, co-ed day school for PreK through grade eight that offers more: more challenge, more freedom, and more joy

Montgomery School is located in suburban Philadelphia, situated in a geographic area where their primary, but not only, competition is the public school district. Discovery interviews resulted in messaging that focused on their value-add to families: academic challenge in an open campus often used as an outdoor classroom; a student-focused, individualized approach to education; and caring, personal relationships among faculty, students, and parents. Messaging and visuals highlight the challenge, freedom, and joy that Montgomery School offers through its program, people, and campus, setting it apart from local public schools and its independent school peers.

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A Logo that Fits

The Montgomery School logo featured the tree icon for many years, yet the tree did not convey the academic challenge that the school provided. An updated logo communicates all aspects of a Montgomery School education in one graphic.

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Photography That Inspires Action

Vibrant photography that visually illustrates the challenge, joy, and freedom that students experience at Montgomery School is prominently featured on the covers and within the viewbook package. Open House, call-to-action direct mail, and targeted inserts reinforce the messaging and visuals displayed in both print and online to encourage readers to visit the school.

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At Montgomery School, every day presents new opportunities for discovery, exploration, and growth. Students and faculty have the space and freedom to pursue possibilities and push academic boundaries.
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