Summer is for Planning

Kellianne Kaput
Advancement & Campaigns

The official start of summer brings sun and surf, but it also means that advancement teams are eagerly kicking off their planning for the new academic year. It is critical to be strategic about your annual programming from the onset to maximize your fundraising success.

The delicate dance of interweaving mail and email appeals, educational communication pieces, volunteer outreach, events, social media and on campus presence takes time, planning, collaboration and creativity. A deliberate fundraising approach navigates the “asking too much” vs. “not asking enough” conundrum, prevents missed opportunities while gaining efficiencies by being collaborative, and ensures you are prepared to intentionally reach out to prospective donors at the most impactful moments.

3 Keys to an Effective and Purposeful Fundraising Calendar:

  1. Balance solicitation with education
  2. Craft with thoughtfulness and synergy
  3. Follow an identifiable and important order

The Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at Ascension St. Vincent successfully created a comprehensive plan when combining their annual fundraising with a capital campaign. Their tactical approach resulted in effective communications with their community across all channels throughout the year and had them surpassing their initial fundraising goals.

Summer is the perfect time to start planning!