How to Take Your Brand Messaging to Market

Melissa DePino
Admissions & Marketing

Every school marketer’s charge is to ensure that those on both the inside and the outside of the institution clearly understand who it is, what its unique strengths are, and why it is different from its peers and competitors.

This common understanding–which begins with authentic and consistent brand messaging–is the foundation for successfully attracting right-fit families, raising money, and securing the reputation and future of the institution. But as important and foundational as messaging is, your school’s brand is only as strong as your ability to share it effectively through a creative platform.

What is a Creative Platform?

  • It’s what turns your brand messaging into marketing.
  • It’s the essential element that will allow you and your staff to move from reactive to proactive in your day-to-day operations.
  • It’s the missing piece of the puzzle that frees your time and energy so that you can effectively communicate in all of the ways necessary to promote your brand in the marketplace.
  • It consists of four essential elements: a theme, brand statements, photography, and design.

When the four elements of a creative platform strategically work together, it allows your message to authentically and effectively stand out in the marketplace—to be seen and heard clearly by prospective families and donors. And subsequently, when staff can respond more proactively to the marketing needs of their institution, it frees up their time for strategy, planning, and evaluation.