Abington Friends School

A vibrant, joyful and ambitious Quaker school

Abington Friends School (AFS) welcomes students aged three to grade 12 into a community that approaches education with bold convictions. As a Quaker school, AFS believes that each student in their care is gifted with remarkable potential and is therefore driven by a shared commitment to diversity, equity and social progress. Because of their location in suburban Philadelphia, a hub for Quaker education, the AFS team sought to distinguish themselves based on their unique strengths and create greater awareness in the marketplace. A deep dive into their school culture revealed their ambitious spirit, rooted in both a deep belief in education as a force for social progress and in their capacity as a school to prepare students to be kind and wise and face the future with a sturdy sense of self.

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Motivated by Mission

Abington Friends School joyfully embodies its mission and the principles that guide Quaker education–integrity, stewardship, simplicity, equality, peace and community. As a result, the school’s verbal identity reflects their commitment to students to nurture the skills and strengths for the lifelong work of understanding our world in all its complexity and the tools it takes to make a difference in a world that needs them.

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Encapsulating an Ethos

The creative platform, Bold Convictions, encapsulates the ethos of the AFS learning community in just two simple but powerful words that reflect a belief in the human capacity for goodness and growth and the power of education to activate that goodness and growth. The creative platform is supported by ten brand statements, or bold convictions, that include: to embrace ambition with integrity; to seek intellectual adventure; to venture farther and wider; to follow curiosity wherever it leads; to understand more deeply; to find joy in the work of learning; to be a force for justice; to recognize the power of diversity; to build a sturdy sense of self; and to find the good in ourselves and others.

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“Leapfrog actively listened to our community during the discovery process, which not only made everyone feel heard, included and energized, but also resulted in a bold new way to tell the Abington Friends story. Their extensive knowledge of independent school marketing strategy combined with a focus on our unique community’s needs and institutional culture resulted in creative work that is deeply reflective of who we are as an institution.”
Devin Schlickmann
Director of Admission and Assistant Head of School for Institutional Advancement
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