Elevate Your Campaign with a Theme

Ingrid Tripple
Advancement & Campaigns

The right theme — one that is authentic, meaningful, and has impact — can lift your campaign communications to an entirely new level. And a strong theme coupled with bold visuals will make your case for support memorable and compelling to donors, prospects, and the public.

Strong themes lead to inspiring storytelling for your case for support, motivating investment in your campaign priorities.

When Roanoke College began planning an ambitious campaign to build a state-of-the-art science center, its communications needed to reflect the impact the science center would have on every Roanoke student and how forward-looking the institution is. The targeted campaign for the science center came immediately on the heels of a comprehensive campaign branded "Roanoke Rising" that supported all aspects of a Roanoke education.

With specific communication goals in mind and a prior theme to build upon, we developed the theme "Beyond the Rise," which paid homage to the geography of the campus, allowed the College to build upon past success and generate commitment to the school's future.

A strong campaign theme is not only valuable but necessary to maximize support of your current campaign and your institution in general. Is there a campaign on the horizon for you? Talk with us about how and when to create a theme that motivates and inspires.