Amplify Your Brand by Training Ambassadors

Ingrid Tripple
Strategy & Branding

There’s nothing more powerful and persuasive than a referral from a trusted peer-to-peer source. Help your ambassadors process and internalize your school’s brand through an interactive training experience.

As a school you can amplify the impact your brand ambassadors have by providing a framework to guide their storytelling and offer clear, concise messaging to help them hone in on what makes your school unique. Brand ambassadors are a valuable and dependable referral base so give them the tools to be as effective as possible.

What are the training tools?
A physical copy of a brand guide and a live training, orchestrated either in-person or via Zoom, work together as important tools to ensure your school’s key messages are heard, clearly understood, processed, and internalized. Brand training gives your ambassadors the forum to practice the way they would articulate the school’s brand through their own personal stories and it also gives them an opportunity to ask clarifying questions.

Who are your brand ambassadors?
Think school board of directors, faculty, staff, administration, alumni, parents, grandparents, and students. A passionate and articulate storyteller who is full of pride for the school tends to be one of the best.

Brand training is an opportunity to:

  • Review the brand together (key messages specifically)
  • Include interactive breakout sessions
  • Practice, practice, practice
  • Answer questions for clarification
  • Generate story ideas from a variety of sources to use in school marketing efforts
  • Leave with a printed brand guide as an easily accessible reference
  • Recruit your best volunteers to be ambassadors for Admissions