Yes, You Need Professional Photography

Nancy McDonald
Strategy & Branding

Every school has a hobbyist photographer among its parents, an art teacher with a digital camera or a marketing staffer with the latest iPhone. With so many opportunities to get photos for free, why do you need to spend your precious few budget dollars to bring a professional photographer to campus?

Photography is a major player in your branding toolbox. Like your messaging and design elements, the style of your photography should authentically reflect the spirit of your school and must be of the highest quality. Quality can be measured two ways: first by the story the image conveys, and second, by its artistic and technical aspects. Is the image in focus? (Soft focus is not a thing.) Is the composition right? Is the lighting good? Even if the quality is top-notch, shooting the images is only half of the photographic process. The second half is what happens on the photographer’s computer (the new darkroom). When you hire a professional photographer you’re hiring an experienced photo editor, someone who is well equipped to take the science of photography and turn it into art.

A beautiful photo can’t help but capture attention that then leads the viewer to read the words that convey your message. This is true on signage, in viewbooks, in advertising, on the web, and on any marketing channel you employ to draw prospective families or donors.

Professional photography takes years of training and experience to get right. Like a typo in text, a poor-quality photo will send the wrong message. Make sure your photography accurately reflects your image by investing in professional photography. The result will pay dividends.