The Importance of Professional Photography

Nancy McDonald
Strategy & Branding

The pandemic has presented many unforeseen challenges to independent schools, including how they are able to represent themselves in their communications. As a result of mask mandates, schools have gone more than two years without being able to see and capture in photography the beauty of students’ smiles as they engage in learning on campus. Now that those smiles are visible again, make sure your school is getting the right image.

Here are five reasons why you need professional photography:

1.  Photography is a major player in your branding toolbox.
We live in a highly-visual world. Similar to your strengths-based messaging and design elements, the style of your photography should authentically reflect the spirit of your school and be of the highest quality. A beautiful photo captures the attention of the viewer and entices them to read the words that convey your message.

2.  Build an image library.
Every communicator’s dream is to have a photo library full of high-quality images within their reach every time the opportunity arises. One full day or two half-day shoots usually generate over 200 photos that will easily last you for two to three years and work across multiple channels.

3.  A professional photographer is a photo editing expert.
When you hire a professional photographer, you’re hiring an experienced photo editor who is well equipped to take the science of photography and turn it into art (a computer is the modern darkroom). Every image requires color correction.

4. Show diversity in all ways.
Students and parents want to see the story of your school (mission and culture) revealed through imagery. This includes: students across all demographics, various types of learning environments, enriching activities, athletics of all forms, seasonal variety, engagement with iconic campus locations, and more.

5. Convey a day in the life of a student.
Lifestyle photography allows you to capture your students as they play, work, and engage with their peers and teachers, and it’s the most genuine way to represent a day in the life of your students.

Leapfrog can either be with you every step of the way, sharing tips of the trade and being on-site for creative direction alongside our photographer, or we can help set you up for success as you work autonomously with a professional photographer of your own.