If Elements of a Brand had Job Descriptions...

Nancy McDonald
Strategy & Branding

The operational success of schools relies heavily on creating an organizational structure that works well in a particular educational environment, crafting clear, accurate job descriptions for each role, and hiring the best, most qualified people to carry out those job responsibilities. A brand works the same way.

A brand has an organizational structure that sets it up for success too. Three key elements in a brand’s structure are the school name, logo, and marketing collateral. Each one has an important and specific job to do as part of the brand, and similar to an employee, the job description is well defined and an expectation of the work it can realistically do is managed.

Job Descriptions for Brand Elements:

  • Name
    A school name is a powerful tool for building identity and is meant to be clear and descriptive. Ideally, in a few words, a name should accurately reflect who you are and what you do. It can pull from your history or even your location, but it needs to be clear.
  • Logo
    A great logo is a timeless symbol made up of text and an image that accurately reflects your brand. Its job is to provide quick recognition of your institution. Therefore, the mark should be simple, memorable, and versatile since it will be used in many applications.  
  • Marketing
    Your marketing materials have a job that requires the most heavy lifting. They need to provide messaging that is quick and impactful as well as be able to dive deep into storytelling. They should establish and consistently present your messages in a way that inspires yet authentically reflects your brand. Marketing materials also need to portray the power of great photography and design, and how that is a measure of the institution’s value and sets you apart from your competition. Read last month’s insight for more details on how to take your brand to market.

Job descriptions keep people on task, doing what they do best. If one person tries to do too much–veers off course–the work is diluted and they are not performing at full capacity. It is the job of the school’s marketing staff to ensure the name, logo, and marketing collateral are doing their respective jobs well to build a successful brand.