Engaging Graduates as Ambassadors of Your Brand

Ingrid Tripple
Strategy & Branding

Commencement, the joyful pinnacle of education, is a prime opportunity to showcase your graduates as ambassadors of your school’s brand. They are living testaments to what makes your school unique and their stories give an organizational brand that human touch.

As you plan for commencement in June, consider how graduate storytelling can benefit you:

1.  Connect stories to your brand messaging
Listen thoughtfully to the experiences of your graduates and write about them through the lens of your brand’s key messages.  

2.  Enrich your marketing plan
Think about how the stories and direct quotes from your graduates will provide value in the future across multiple communication platforms, whether it’s your website, social media, or print materials, and gather the information you need accordingly.

3.  Offer what prospective families are looking for—authenticity
Make sure the graduates’ personalities shine through in the narrative as readers seek out that glimpse of what makes your graduates unique, delivered in a way in which they can relate.

4.  Add impact with engaging photography
Written words are important, but let’s not underestimate the power of an image that tells a visual brand story and reflects the true vibrancy of your school’s students.

5.  Invest time and energy in the relationship
Conduct the interview of your graduate as the first opportunity for cultivation since they are now an alum who will be asked to invest in your future.