An Impact Report that is Influential

Ingrid Tripple
Advancement & Campaigns

Strategic and effective reporting builds a community of energized and lasting supporters. An impact report is an opportunity to clearly and concisely remind stakeholders of your mission and show progress through compelling verbal and visual storytelling. You are celebrating success together.

Differences Explained: Annual Report vs. Impact Report
An Annual Report traditionally focuses on the financial health, operations, and business strategies of an organization. Whereas an Impact Report highlights an organization’s contribution to society, capturing the positive change and broader outcomes beyond just financial performance. It shows all stakeholders what their investment of time, effort, or dollars went towards and the influence the organization had on the people it serves.

Benefits of an Impact Report

  • Showcases your mission
  • Highlights the contributions made to society
  • Engages stakeholders
  • Strengthens relationships
  • Ensures transparency and accountability
  • Builds trust
  • Cultivates donors
  • Enhances brand image and reputation

What Makes an Effective Impact Report?

  • Stories that are well-written and heartfelt
  • Quotes that inspire
  • Numbers that speak to impact
  • Charts or graphs that depict progress
  • Photography that is engaging and action-oriented
  • Design that is professional and represents the organization

The Donor List
This is case-specific, but everyone understands budgets are lean for non-profits and sustainable practices are accepted and encouraged. Posting the donor list on your website and directing the whole community there to view it through a variety of marketing tactics is a wise use of time and money. It allows for more space to be dedicated to storytelling within the report and as an added bonus it will increase traffic to your website where people can find more valuable content.