Carrie Horchuck

Project Manager/Designer

Not only can Carrie conjure up creative visions that move clients, colleagues and constituents, but also her thoroughness and ability to manage the smallest details make her both an exceptional designer and project manager.

As a designer, Carrie enjoys the creative freedom that Leapfrog Group encourages. She feels that the trust that Leapfrog Group team members place in each other helps them to individually and collectively produce the most inspired pieces that motivate constituents to respond. As a project manager, Carrie is enthusiastic, meticulous and conquers deadlines with ease.

Having begun her professional career working as a designer for advertising agencies and design studios, she quickly advanced to senior art director at a marketing agency. She loves working with Leapfrog Group because of the people with whom she interacts — her colleagues and clients. Clients are enthusiastic about Leapfrog Group and Leapfrog Group is enthusiastic about its clients, which makes the process continuously inspiring.

When she’s not project managing or designing, she enjoys day trips to the beach and other nearby destinations with her husband and two children.