The Wyndcroft School

An independent, co-ed elementary and middle school where the wisdom of the past and innovation of the present converge to build a solid foundation for the future

The Wyndcroft School was founded in 1918 to provide a superior education for the younger children of the faculty of the prestigious Hill School in Pottstown, PA. Although Wyndcroft has grown and evolved over the century since its founding, it remains true to its essential values of providing rigorous academics that build a firm foundation, a collective spirit that reflects its motto “Non Sibi” (Not for Oneself), and graduating articulate, self-confident students who lead at the best secondary schools. To set Wyndcroft apart from both independent and public schools by communicating its inherent strengths, the marketing platform “modern classic” was created, which paired classic concepts with their relevance in today’s world.

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A Logo That is Both Modern and Classic

The most successful and impactful logo designs are, in most cases, an evolution of a current logo. For Wyndcroft, we refined the logo to reflect the idea of “modern classic” by updating the typography and reimagining the seal, extracting the motto to draw attention to it and create balance.

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Building a Better Viewbook

The Wyndcroft School’s viewbook and direct mail campaign builds upon the theme of “modern classic” by using a “” structure. By organizing the viewbook by unit and creating content that illustrates each of the school’s key messages within each section⏤firm foundation, spirit of “non sibi,” true community, and leadership lessons⏤every part of the piece reinforces the unique strengths of the school. The direct mail features candid photos of students and pairings of the modern and classic, such as “From Tchaikovsky to Taylor Swift” and “From Galileo to Global Warming.”

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Independent school website
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“When it came time for Wyndcroft to rebrand, we were worried that the process would be long and complicated but they made it fun and exciting! The end product is beautiful and a wonderful representation of who Wyndcroft really is. They took the time to get to know and understand our school. We look forward to continuing to work with Leapfrog in the future.”
Amanda Moser Arkans
The Wyndcroft School
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