Saint Mark’s High School

A college-prep coeducational Catholic high school within the Diocese, where all things are possible

St. Mark’s, located in Wilmington, DE, is the premier center for education and ministry within the Catholic Diocese of Wilmington, yet competes for families with independent schools in the area and even in farther afield Philadelphia. The student experience at St. Mark’s is both vast and intimate, offering academic rigor, individualized instructional strategies, and a rich selection of co-curricular activities, presenting all students with opportunities to thrive in their own unique ways. Their tagline—All Things Possible—is derived from a passage in The Gospel of St. Mark: “All things are possible to the one who believes,” and the materials created demonstrate that all students—regardless of strengths, weaknesses, and differences—have the ability to fulfill their learning potential and excel at what they love.

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Visual Identity
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True Representation

The existing logo for St. Mark’s High School was outdated, featured a complicated piece of artwork, and didn’t accurately represent the school’s strengths. A new logo, with a slight adjustment of the color palette, used “St. Mark’s” and removed “high school,” while highlighting the tagline.

Catholic diocesan school logo
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Vibrant Student Portraits

A modular viewbook package includes a main booklet with a minimum number of pages to communicate the key strengths of the school and a number of targeted inserts that focus on programs in arts, athletics, and student life. Candid portraits of students looking into the camera, highlighted with the iconic St. Mark’s green and gold, reveal the vibrant personality of the school through its students.

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“From start to finish, we loved working with Leapfrog. They created a new visual and verbal identity that we are proud of—one that perfectly captures the heart of Saint Mark’s High School and will for years to come. They are a team of true collaborators—they listened to our every concern and put together several options before we landed on a fabulous final product.”
Carol Ripken
Diocese of Wilmington
Catholic diocesan high school admissions brochure
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