Does Your Brand Make a Statement?

Lori Woehrle
Strategy & Branding

Among the hardest-working tools in your marketing toolbox are your brand statements. Brand statements are tightly written phrases that authentically express who your organization is. They are you, in text.

We’ve seen them referred to as “headlines,” but to us, they are much different from a classic headline, which summarizes a narrative that follows.

Brand statements are powerful, inspiring words and phrases that define you in a capsule. They are smart, meaningful — and most importantly and when done correctly — an absolute true reflection of your organization.

Here is what brand statements are not:

Brand statements are not taglines. They are not slogans or catchphrases.

Brand statements are not aspirational. They are about who you are, not what you want.

Brand statements are not vision statements. They are not about where you hope to go in the future.

Brand statements have an almost unending number of uses. They can form the basis of ad copy; viewbook, annual report, and brochure headers; web copy; social media content; postcard material; banner and signage text; and more.