A Case for a Case (Minus the Campaign)

Lori Woehrle
Advancement & Campaigns

Let’s say you’re not in the midst of a capital or comprehensive campaign. Chances are, you are still raising money, right?

For that reason, you need a general case statement for why and how to support your organization. A general case for support is a simple but compelling, highly visual document that identifies your needs, where meeting those needs will take you, and why they matter.

Use this general case as a major-gift meeting leave-behind, as backup to a corporate or foundation ask, and as a touchstone for all communications with prospects and donors. It should live on your website and can provide content for numerous social media and email communications.

The University of the District of Columbia, a public urban land-grant HBCU in the nation’s capital, created a general case for support for just these reasons. The time wasn’t right to step into a full campaign, but UDC needed to answer the question: “What are your funding priorities and why?” The general case for support was the answer.

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