5 Reasons Why You Should Brand a Campaign

Nancy McDonald
Advancement & Campaigns

A campaign, regardless of dollar amount or number of priorities, is a significant undertaking for an independent school. Start out smart and set the stage for success by strategically branding your campaign to make every message and tactic work harder for you.

Campaigns require a huge commitment of time, energy, and resources from inception to completion. Help avoid the onset of campaign drain early on by developing a brand for your campaign that creates a solid foundation for your fundraising efforts.

Here’s 5 Reasons Why You Should Brand a Campaign:

1.  To set large-scale fundraising initiatives apart from all others being undertaken by the school.

2.  To establish the promise that the campaign will fulfill while giving the campaign life, validity, and tangibility—verbally and visually.

3.  To acknowledge the campaign’s own set of distinct goals, objectives, and audiences.

4. To provide ambassadors with language that is specific to the campaign and combines both rationale and emotion.

5. To help the school and advancement staff raise funds for a project that is often on an urgent timeline to address a pressing need.