Would you consider publishing a misspelled word or a confusing, incomplete sentence? No. Then why publish photography that isn’t the best representation of your school? It's a visual typo!

Like a misspelling or a grammatical error, a poor-quality photo sends the wrong message. To avoid a visual typo, invest in professional photography. It will pay for itself tenfold.

Whether you are building a STEM Center or raising money for scholarships, you are doing so on behalf of the children and families you serve. Students are at the heart of your campaign and should be featured prominently.

Hire a seasoned lifestyle photographer who can capture the joy and authentic personality of your students and school. Quality is measured two ways: first by the story the images convey–students engaged in meaningful learning, and second by its artistic and technical aspects–like good composition and color correction for all skin types.

Images Speak to Us
Regardless of whether you are heading into a campaign, quality photography must be a major player in your brand toolbox. The imagery in your admissions materials, website, and elsewhere needs to mirror the campus experience and draw in viewers to learn more.

But a campaign on the horizon is the perfect opportunity to focus on capturing images that accurately reflect your fundraising priorities and will allow donors to visualize the impact their gift will have. The saying, “A picture is worth a thousand words” hasn’t been around for decades without holding true.

Not Sure Where to Start?
Leapfrog Group can help by sharing tips of the trade, providing a photographer and on-site art direction, or we can help set you up for success as you work autonomously with a professional photographer of your own.